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            DOC Assess
 DOC Assess is a web based assessment tool created by Office Document Consulting Inc, for use by MPS providers. Without an automated tool, assessments are very labor intensive and often require spreadsheet skills and attention to detail that exceed the sales rep's ability or time availability.
The DOC Assess process begins by the MPS provider loading our data collection agent at the customer site. When enough time has passed to obtain accurate print/copy volumes, the equipment inventory and print/copy volumes are imported from the data collection agent into DOC Assess. Customer floor plans are also uploaded into DOC Assess, the equipment inventory is mapped to its physical location on the floor plans and the required financial data and interview answers are entered into DOC Assess. These steps create the "exisiting" portion of the assessment.
The MPS provider loads a spread sheet detailing the quantities of each model of equipment into DOC Assess and maps them to blank floor plans. The required financial parameters are input into DOC Assess and the end result is the "proposed" portion of the assessment.
DOC Assess provides "existing" and "proposed" comparisons with the annual savings clearly identified.Type your paragraph here.

MPS in a Tablet

Imagine for a minute, that your  Sales Reps could complete a proposal, lease, service contract and PowerPoint documents in under 10 minutes?
 Quick Deal is a sales automation solution designed to assist reps with tedious paperwork, and to provide consistent, accurate paperwork.
 Do your sales reps make mistakes on lease and service documents?
Is your brand important when reps are creating proposals themselves?
How many hours of the week are your sales reps in the office writing proposals, or filling out lease and service contracts
With quick deal we have developed 6 steps to preparing a proposal, lease, service contract and PowerPoint presentation.
Automate the time consuming tasks creating more “sales time” in front of prospects and customers.

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Collaborative Consultant Group is now the sole U.S distributor of Docassess,MPS in aTablet and Quick Deal.